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I post once again!!

Posted by launchpad555 on 2008.09.03 at 23:38
Hiya gang!

Wow,this group really has gone dead.

I have come to offer an alternative.

Remember the last post I made about bringing new life into the group? Well,I gave up on that.Instead I decided to bring new life to the forum I made for us.After all,why leave a perfectly good forum lying around doing nothing,right?

I have left all my little fangroups and founded one of my own on Myspace called The Chapterhouse,which is a genre based group dedicated to anime,science fiction,and gaming as a whole.A logical choice,seeing how all three cross over each other so much and the interest is much more widespread.

I have transformed the SSG forum into a subsidary branch of the Chapterhouse called "Disciples of Mist" and it has worked very well so far.I'm very happy with it.I kept a good number of our Sonny threads and moved them to appropriate places in the new layout.One of our Disciples Reckless Rain has written some very colorful game reviews and he's all awesome and insane! :)

For those here who signed up on it over a year ago,you are all still there and have been "grandfathered"in.If ya haven't stopped by to take a look lately,look again.I believe you'll be very happy with the new group change and the wider variety of material to explore and share with each other.

The forum has grown up and moved on to bigger and better things,(so has the allowed forum rating)I invite all of you former forum SSG's to join together once again for a fun future celebrating what we all love best.


See ya there!!

Love in worldwide fandom,Mist On Fire (aka the former MSA "Major"):)


Sonny's Manga title for Tokyopop

Posted by launchpad555 on 2008.06.15 at 23:22
It has been released!!!!

Sonny's very first manga for TokyoPop called "We Shadows"


The story revolves around the central character named Goat who's only friend is a talking mushroom who assures her that she is a "fairy princess in training" in spite of being considered insane by others in her realm .

It retails for 9.99 Get one today!!

and for those who forgot where our SS forum was,here's the link...

I am actively working to get this forum and group going again with some new life,one way or another.At least I never gave up on this group even when I said we should have in the last post. Maybe I expect too much? Or am I just too damned stubborn to let it die? *discouraged and sad* :(


It's time to decide....

Posted by launchpad555 on 2007.10.21 at 14:27
Hello everyone!!

I've been thinking about this for a while now....and I believe it's time to make a decision about our little group.

After almost a FULL YEAR there are only 35 members here,myself included and the same number of members on the Grasshoppers forum as well.

In my own opinion,our fangroup has not been successful in recruiting members or getting much exposure.I've been thinking about deleting the forum,but I wanted some feedback first before I did that.As I now have more responsibilities within the MSA to take care of,I pretty much have lost any interest in this one.It hasn't really taken off and gone anywhere to spare any more time for a dead cause.

With the waning popularity of Fullmetal Alchemist in favor of new anime such as Bleach,Death Note,and others...it will be difficult to keep this group going.

I'm not in charge of making any decisions here,but a logical one would be to disband this group for lack of participation and interest in it.

Am I alone in thinking this?? I would really like to know.

MSA Major General Laura-Cyberspace Relations Skirt#14 aka Mist On Fire
(also a Grasshopper)

FMA - Ed Genius at Work

Looking for Some Help

Posted by redushab on 2006.11.05 at 13:39
Nuna humoro: irritatedirritated
So, the layout for the site is being difficult, and I can't figure out why.
As such, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to lend me a hand in trying to figure out why the site refuses to display properly. Preferably, this person would have a strong grasp of XHTML and CSS, and it would be nice if you were a Windows user so you could look at it on the browsers that don't work on my Mac.
I'm not really asking for masses of time, or huge amounts of work. Just someone who could pop on IM (Yahoo or AOL, I have both) and spend some time poking at code, because I need another pair of eyes as I? Am not finding the problem.
You would have my undying love and grattitude, also, the advantage of having a working Grasshoppers site that much more quickly!

On another web note, the current plan for the site includes a page about the Grasshoppers, a Sonny Bio, a Con List, an Anime List, a Gallery for pictures and fanwork, a Special section that will shift, and links to this LJ, the Yahoo Group and the Forum. In addition, once we have a permenant home, I have plans to start work on a SQL membership database...but you can't do that on Geocities.
If there's anything else people would like to see, please let me know.

*goes back to fight with CSS and possibly start on a secondary design if the current one continues to be...disagreeable.*

Posted by launchpad555 on 2006.11.04 at 10:52
Hiya Grasshoppers!!!

I was bored yesterday and realised our group did not have a FORUM to congregate on,so yesterday I made one for us and here it is!!


As of this writing,it's less than a day old so I'm still playing around with the boards and stuff.a tweak here and tweak there.Looks good so far....*hugs it*

Ze Majah iz one proud Grasshoppah today! :-D

Don't forget me.


Posted by hikarukilinsu18 on 2006.10.31 at 00:04
Nuna humoro: busy
Nuna muziko: Ayumi Hamasaki-Appears
Hi! I'm Heather, but you can call me Hikaru! I made a yahoo group for you guys, because well.. You need love! ^^

Click here to join sonny_fans
Click to join sonny_fans

FMA - Ed Genius at Work

Grasshoppers Site!

Posted by redushab on 2006.10.04 at 23:35
Nuna humoro: productive
So after a long time, thanks to school and the like, there's finally a Grasshoppers site! Admittedly, at the moment it lacks, well, content, and a permenant home. But it's on Geocities for now!
I've tested it on the browsers I have access to, but if anyone has problems viewing it, please let me know. Also, if there's anything you'd really like to see go up there.
Now, without further ado:

toshi, x, x japan, yoshiki, reunion

Anime North

Posted by redushab on 2006.05.30 at 20:54
So...I went to Anime North in Toronto this past weekend, and Sonny was there. XD It was great fun. I talked to him briefly about the grasshoppers and everything. And he signed my DVD. You all know the cover of the 6th FMA DVD? Well, he did little speech bubbles coming out of Roy's and Hughes' mouths. Hughes is saying "I love you man...but you need a wife" and Roy replies "Shut up Hughes." One of these days I'll scan it, but I thought you all might be entertained. XD
Anyway, Sonny was great, and the con was great!

108 royai

grart! (grasshopper art)

Posted by gretchen8642 on 2006.05.20 at 20:24
so redushab suggested we do something fun! i say we have a grasshopper fanart contest.

here's the rules:

the art has to be fma related, but it also has to have grasshoppers in it somewhere.

otherwise what's the fun of being called the grasshoppers? nodnod.

haha i'll try and whip something up later before friday.

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